Order, order!

cherublogobig.gifThe most common question I’m asked about the CHERUB series is, “Do you have to read them in order?” The answer is “NO!”

The operative words here are “have to”.  In truth, it’s probably better to at least read “The Recruit” first, but if the latest book in the series, “The Fall”, is the first CHERUB title you pick up, I defy you to put it down without finishing it. 

It must be said there is a chronological sequence to the series: James first appears in “The Recruit” aged 11 and turns 15 in “The Fall”.  So, if you’re able to, it’s good to read the titles in order, but believe me, you’ll catch up quickly whatever order you read them in.

All CHERUB titles are so hard to keep on our shelves right now, you could spend ages waiting to read them in order.  So why bother? 

Of course, you could do what I did and just go buy your own copies of all the books.


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